Richard and Laura Pawlowski are 2 seniors in their 70s who were pushed from their comfortable home of 35 years. They cope by wandering all over the 10 western states of the USA while living in a tent – for TWO YEARS.

They learn to successfully adapt by OCCUPYING the very best of America’s real estate – the National Parks and Monuments. They OCCUPIED over 50 campgrounds in 10 states, took solar showers, ate great campfire food, slept under the stars and made many new friends. They grew spiritually, saved money, lost weight (Richard lost 30 pounds), rebalanced their debt and discovered TENTONOMICS – a totally new financial strategy that can now help millions of seniors and baby boomers find new housing and also travel full-time. An expensive, gas guzzling RV is not needed with TENTONOMICS. Also included in 2 YEARS IN A TENT is the basics of the ROAD KILL DIET plan.

2 YEARS IN A TENT is an important “wakeup call” for millions of baby-boomers and seniors who are struggling with overpriced rent and who are afraid to travel full-time without an RV. Everyone in the USA, at some time in their life, may be forced to live in a tent (for emergency or financial reasons) and 2 YEARS IN A TENT is a great guide for the best way.

Richard is an architect and Laura is a retired dietary supervisor. They are now living in Depoe Bay, Oregon.

Please get the FREE introduction at http://www.2yearsinatent.com

Here’s the link to our book for the IPad –  https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/2-years-in-a-tent/id596869555?mt=11
And for the KINDLE – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BK9NGN8

And for the PDF version –  https://gumroad.com/l/scAP
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