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No matter if you’re tenting, RVing or in a trailer – here is a post that can be highly relevant to any camping experience . It is a re-post from a special traveling guy Laura and I met when we first started our 2 Years in a Tent adventure. Gary Ramsey travels in a trailer all over the southwest. He wrote this about the unique problems with some smaller generators. Gary publishes many other great camping insights on his website – http://www.ramseystravels.com. Check out his expertise in camping coffee making while you’re there. Enjoy 🙂

Here’s what Gary wrote:

“About buying a generator. All I can say is if you think you need a 2000 watt generator go with a bigger unit and here is why. I have a Yamaha 2000is generator that is 7 months old. runs fine until you need power.

I had the unit re-jetted for the altitude. Runs better but…. when I turn off the converter and all else I can think of and turn on a simple 850 watt toaster I get 99 volts and 597 watts. And this is when I go outside and turn on full power. This is for all generators. On any generator figure about 3% to 3.5% loss of power for every 1000 feet of elevation gain. So you are going to have to spend a bundle to get a 3000 watt or so unit. That is the best way to solve the dilemma. To save money just buy a 2000 watt unit and when camped at higher elevation say 7500 feet or more don’t use the high power settings to run things that require the power. No toasters, hair dryers, microwave’s, etc. We can all get by for a time with that. You don’t have to live in complete poverty to live this live style. You can still recharge all of your devices, like your cell phone, your laptop, watch TV, etc.

I am happy to have learned this lesson. Expensive lesson for sure! But learning to live a different lifestyle is always a learning experience. So don’t change the generator jet for $87.00 for the season at elevation and then another $87.00 to go back to the original jet. Save the money on gas to see the sights of the area you are camped at. Just do your research.

Now don’t be the type of Jerk SOB that buy’s a big expensive trailer and then is so damn cheap and insensitive to others to go and buy a cheap noisy generator. It drives me crazy and all the others around you. Makes a person want to go over and hit you up side the head for your stupidity. But then that is just the kind of person that would go out and buy a cheap noisy generator.”


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